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The Introduction of Bicycle Helmets

A helmet is safety gear that people wear on their heads to protect against traumatic brain injuries. Many people do not wear bicycle helmets, this can be dangerous. The head is the most sensitive organ in the body.

Proper selection of helmets is important because helmets are designed to serve different purposes. You can’t wear a football helmet while biking in the Tour de France.







The many varieties of helmets include;

Helmets for football players. They are also referred to as headgear.

Soldier helmets

Hockey player helmets

Helmets for firemen

Bicycle riders helmet

History of Bicycle Helmets

Bicycle and motorcycle helmets were not ideal for protecting the riders from the harm that was caused by accidents in the past. They were a mere leather cap that was worn on heads to protect people against a few cranial grazes.

Severe head injuries led to the invention of better helmets to reduce effects of injuries after an accident. Bike helmets should meet the following conditions to make them more efficient;

• They should be the right size. The helmets should have sizing pads that allow you to adjust the size easily.

• Proper positioning; you need to select a helmet that rests properly and centrally on your head.

• You should always replace a bike helmet after a crash. The helmet could have sustained damage making it unsafe to protect your head any longer.

• Provision of certified helmets; they should meet Consumer Product Safety Commission standards.

Making Bicycle Helmets Mandatory in Bike Races

Riders in the Tour de France were forced to wear helmets after a series of deaths. Stakeholders made it mandatory for the riders to wear helmets in races. Fabio Casartelli and Andrey Kivilev were among those who met their death after tragic accidents in Paris.

There has been massive research and development of the protective gear. Some helmets are now designed to give you an advantage over your rivals. Using aerodynamics theory, this has enabled helmets to be among the major features that determine the performance.

Benefits of Bike Helmets

Helmets have reduced the number of deaths that arise from accidents. You could receive a traumatic brain injury if you decide to not wear a helmet. Brain injury has become rampant in the United States and other countries.


Helmets may not seem to add a niche to the safety of a person. Getting the best advice on the best helmet to use in regards to size will help to ensure your safety as you go riding.

Recommendable efforts on research by the Centers for Disease Control show that there is no concussion-proof helmet, but they do guard the users against various serious brain or head injuries.



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