Learn The Truth About Your Insurance Coverage: You Have Less Than You Think

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Many people these days just buy full coverage insurance, assuming that it covers any expenses incurred in an accident.

truth-about-insurance-imageInsurance agents often do nothing to inform customers of the reality of their insurance policies. The fact of the matter is if you live in Florida you probably have much less coverage than you are aware of.

Many customers have no idea that hidden in all the fine print of their policy, there is an exclusion that severely limits what the insurance company must pay if it is you or a family member that is injured in the course of an accident.

This exclusion can be included under many names including the family, household, or home exclusion. You will find it tucked in the exclusion to liability portion of your contract.

This policy exclusion states that neither you, or any of your family members, will be insured for bodily injury that is a result of an accident in your vehicle.

Now your insurance agent didn’t tell you that, did they? Did anyone ever mention you or your family wouldn’t be eligible to receive the full insurance benefits you’re paying for?

It doesn’t matter if you’re paying for a $10,000 policy, or if you tag on a couple of zeros to the end of that figure, if you or someone from your household ends up with serious injuries from being a passenger in your car, they are not going to be eligible for the full coverage your buying.

No family member including spouses or children will receive anything more than what the minimum legal responsibility is in Florida.

You may be wondering what that figure is, but you won’t find it printed in your policy because your insurance company doesn’t want you to know how pathetically low it really is.

The amount they must pay as set forth by the law is $20,000 per incident or $40,000 per occurrence. What this means is at most you will walk away with $20,000.

You are not alone in feeling like this is wrong. The deceptive behaviors of insurance companies hiding clauses they know will not be read in customer’s policies, leave many people feeling disgusted when they discover the truth.

It is likely that if you are in an accident, one of your family members is going to be a passenger in your car, but the insurance companies want to cheat you out of coverage for your loved ones.

It doesn’t seem to bother them that the insurance companies are deceiving their customers out of the insurance they pay for, believing that their family will be covered in the unfortunate case of being a passenger in an accident.

There isn’t much that can be done about the courts upholding the legality of this unfair practice, but that doesn’t mean you must be an unknowing victim of it. The best thing you can do right now is to CALL YOUR AGENT.

Get on the phone and make them answer the tough questions like if someone else drives my car and I or a family member end up injured as a passenger, how much liability insurance are we covered for.

Don’t take vague answers about having full coverage, make them give you a solid number. Chances are they are going to be resistant to giving up this information, but you shouldn’t give up until they give you a real answer to your question.

Ask them directly about whether there is a household exclusion in your policy. You don’t have to keep paying for insurance that is not going to cover you or your family.

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