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Parents everywhere constantly worry about the dangers teenagers and young people face while driving or riding in automobiles. Back in the day, the talk was mostly about drinking and driving or hi-speed racing. But today there is a host of new, technology-based set of worries that have added to a parent’s dilemmas.

Most young people know that Snapchat has a GPS feature that displays on its screen the speed of a moving vehicle when the picture is taken. This feature has given additional media exposure to dangerous, reckless young people seeking to share their “video game-like” experience through a single posted picture.

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Scores of people all over the country have been killed or maimed in hi-speed crashes where Snapchat speed pictures have been discovered.

Just last week in my hometown 5 people, including 2 young children were killed in a high-speed crash with a car that was traveling 115 MPH just before the accident. It was not the vehicle’s Black Box that gave us the news. Instead, it was a Snapchat picture taken by a backseat passenger taken right before the crash that prominently displayed the 115 MPH speed.

Let’s not give Snapchat a pass on this feature as owes its success to a demographic of 14-25 age users and it has also known for quite some time that the GPS filter has been used to document high speed driving since its inception.

Granted, this is a misuse of the product. But, as a parent, I don’t care. The safety of my children and everyone else on the road matters more. Everyone knows of the potential harm caused by high-speed crashes and any product that encourages dangerous speeding is a danger to all motorists at any time and on every roadway. It Snapchat does not remove this deadly feature, it should be banned, boycotted and sued out of existence.

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