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An accident happens suddenly. The shock of a life-threatening experience, often coupled with painful injuries, leaves a person terrified and confused.

Every year thousands of tractor trailer accidents occur, leading to injuries, traffic jams, insurance reports and sometimes, fatalities.


In fact, big-rig truck accidents account for one out of eight traffic fatalities. Eighty-six percent of these fatalities are confined to the drivers of smaller vehicles involved in the crash.

These horrendous accidents have increased by 10 percent since 1992. There are a number of reasons to support this, such as more trucks on the road, the length of time drivers are asked to perform, and the need to make deadlines in spite of the speed limits.

When these factors are combined with large trucks loaded with goods, an accident waits just around the corner. In fact, every 16 minutes a truck-car accident occurs.

When a truck driver’s error or carelessness results in an accident, it is often the little guy who suffers. The majority of fatal or severe truck crashes involved at least one car.

Weather impacts these serious crashes considerably. Rain, snow or ice reduces driver visibility and road traction. Drivers are forced to slow down, bunching up as targets for unsuspecting drivers of rigs carrying tons of weight.

Wind and blowing dust create blinding conditions, blow cars across lanes, and inhibit control of vehicles like tractor trailers. Fog can reduce visibility to zero, forcing drivers into one another like falling dominoes.

Distracted driving is a susceptibility of truckers, due to the tedious distances that they drive. Seeking to entertain themselves may result in distraction and a potential accident, as well.

The majority of truck accidents are due to mechanical failure or human error. Human error can occur in any of the weather conditions or distractions listed above. A mechanical malfunction can be due to the trucking company’s failure to maintain adequate inspection standards for their vehicles.


In fact, brake problems accounted for 27 percent of truck crashes in 2008, with all vehicle-related failure at seven percent for trucks.

You May Need to Contact a Tractor Trailer Accident Attorney Today

Regardless of the reason, if you have sustained injury or loss, you have a right to compensation for your pain and suffering. To do so, you need a tractor trailer accident attorney who will aggressively represent and pursue your interests for a proper settlement.

The value of your truck accident case will depend upon the extent of injuries, medical bills at present, and projected bills for care and rehabilitation treatments. Loss of companionship, long-term care, and suffering from these conditions will also be taken into consideration.

Why not give a tractor-trailer accident attorney a call today? It’s easy to schedule an initial appointment, and most first-time consultations are free. Contact us today to talk about your options and file your claim.