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We cannot begin to tell you how sad and sorry we are for you and your family. Pain and heartache have replaced loving memories and happy times. It’s unfortunate that the world around you hasn’t stopped bearing down on you while you try to cope with your grief.

Regrettably, bills still have to be paid, children still have to be attended to and cared for, and no one seems to understand or even care that you are enduring life’s greatest loss.

If you have suffered the loss of a family member to an auto accident death or some other terrible misfortune, you need to know where you stand financially and personally so that your loved one’s death isn’t forgotten or minimized. Our legal advice will give you the help that your family so desperately needs.

We will be sensitive to you and your family in this trying time. Our legal objectives are clear and straight forward. We will seek out the persons or parties responsible for this death, and we will seek justice for your pain and suffering. Your worries and concerns will be expertly handled so that your healing can begin. We put together this checklist for death of a loved one to help you through the first stages.

checklist for death of a loved one

Our Areas Of Practice

Wrongful Deaths Caused By Accidents

If you have lost a loved one and want to determine if their death has legal implications for those who caused it, then ask yourself the following questions:

• Did someone else make a poor decision or an unreasonable mistake that caused the death or lead to the death?
• Was the death caused by someone failing to follow safety rules designed to prevent harm?
• Would they still be alive if someone else acted sensibly or reasonably?
• Was there anything that should have been done to prevent the events that lead to the loss of life?

An answer of “yes” to any of these questions means that your loved one died a needless, unnecessary, and preventable death. Theirs was a Wrongful Death. Call us at (813) 254-9205 to go over what your options are at this point.

Tractor Trailer Accidents

Whenever there is a truck accident, a thorough investigation is conducted to determine who is liable for any damages that were sustained. This depends entirely on the specifics of the situation, but can be summed up as follows.

The driver is at fault if they ignored any existing laws or were distracted due to being under the influence. The trucking or shipping company may be held responsible if they failed to meet federal regulations or caused an accident due to hazardous materials on board the vehicle.

Conversely, if the truck was improperly repaired before being sent back on the road, the truck’s repair shop may be held accountable. Finally, if the road or poor lighting was to blame, then the government can be considered at fault.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Did you know that soft tissue injuries, including Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), can be incredibly hard to find evidence of after the fact? Unlike a broken bone, soft tissue injuries often leave no obvious visible long-term evidence.

Thus, even if there is no obvious injury, anyone who has been in an accident should be seen by a medical professional promptly. Should it turn out that there is significant impairment, this can help start the paper trail for proving that it happened, it was due to this specific incident, and the fallout is substantial.

Such details can play a critical role in getting appropriate compensation from the responsible parties. Unfortunately, this often means suing for damages. Call today for a free initial consult.